S2 Ep.1 Maintain a design


  1. 现在我们讨论设计时更多的是在单纯的讨论一个崭新物品的设计,而不是一个旧物品,那么在使用过程中很多设计被破坏,我们讨论的是如何不让设计被破坏。
  2. 这个话题这题来说比较大,未来会使用一些更具体的例子


Ep.11 All about iPad

This episode we talked about iPad, and it's great to have Kim as a co-host, she's a landscape architect designer, and we talked iPad and Apple Pencil and their potential usage in her job.

Ep.10 The pictures are viewed on the phone

This eposide is record months before, I'm traveling around so this eposide is out late, sorry about that, following eposides will be out very soon.
We talked about the press release on March, it's about Apple Watch and the new MacBook.