About Edge to Edge Screen

The notch on iPhone X is a better industrial design than Samsung Note 8 or Google Pixel 2 or Mi Mix. The top notch is giving the screen it can give, and being true to itself.
Try to hide speakers and camera with chin and forehead, and make it looks like a "all screen" phone isn't new, and that design looks boring and bad. The problem of the Google pixel 2 or Samsung note (so does Mi mix) design is they aren't utilizing the space they should have utilized. The chin and forehead's existence is purely try to hide speakers and front facing camera to make the phone looks like the front is entirely screen. That design failed in two ways.
First when the screen light up, no user will or can fool themselves. It's empty space rather than screen. They are try to make the product looks better than the technology we have today. The top notch design is being honest to today's technology. With no ability to hide speakers, camera, and other censers, it gives you a notch on the top of the screen, rather than have chin and forehead. Second Google or Samsung could have gave more screen space or made the phone smaller, but they choose not to. Compare to the top notch design, they only tried to make the phone looks all screen rather than make the phone actually all screen.
The design choice of Pixel 2 and Note 8 aren't to be a "all screen" phone, it's design to be a good looking object. Any designer could design a beautiful object, but only being a nice looking object is not a great design. The design aren't fulfill their goal which is a "all screen" phone. They choose to make it looks better rather than make it more usable. Steve Jobs once said "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." Modern design has one principle, form follows function. The Google Pixel 2, Samsung Note 8, or Mi Mix are all failed to the principle, their design is breaking their first purpose, being all screen on the front, of the device.
I wouldn't call the top notch design a true edge to edge or "all screen" phone either, it's a edge to edge screen of today's technology, rather than real edge to edge screen. But still it's a better design.