Peter Thiel vs Gawker

Peter Thiel and Gawker

Peter Thiel, co-founder of paypal and one of the early and significante investor of Facebook, is revealed that is having a war against a media, Gawker. If you havn’t heard of this story, I encourge you to read the background story. This is a very intense story especially among people related to media and tech. Gawker revealed that Peter Thiel is a gay, which is true, but Peter Thiel didn’t come out at the point, and not willing to reveal it. In this very special case, Peter Thiel is hurted deeply, and the amount of demage is only determained by Mr. Thiel himself, it’s more about his own feeling, not that much how the story influenced the rest of the world. Among media, people tende to critisize Peter Thiel about the revenge, cause they might be the next one in the court. I feel different from common media. Mr. Thiel have the right to fight this war, and the reason is adujested. Unveal stuff that’s totally privacy doesn’t benifit any people except the media itself, medias should aim to look after government or other institute, rathe than individuals. Mr. Thiel isn’t a celebrity or public figure, he should have his privacy kept safely. Peter Thiel describe Gawker as bully and terrorists, I agree, their action is aimed at individuals, looking after those individuals’ privacy, publish them. It could hurt people deeply, not everyone are celebrities, not a lot people really want to be celebrities. Their privacy are privacy, not news, and shouldn’t be published. Gawker’s action could totally demage a people, or even kill someone. Luckily that Mr. Thiel is strong enough to revenge. I think a lot of medias has been on a bad tract too far, to attract people’s eye without any think, the privacy stuff do attract people’s eye, but that shouldn’t be what media do all day long. Gawker’s lawsuit may push them to a dead end, bankrupcy, but this may bring more thought into this industry. Reporters and editors would seriously think about their publication and publish more in public interest side reather than publish more in the interesting side.
In addition: I do have concern about this war, what if some billionaires that do revenge media over political scandal in the future. I think there could be ways to prevent that happens, but I’m not confident enough to say that will be prevented. I’m only on the Peter Thiel side for this case cause Gawker is out of its way and could continue hurt other people, they deserve punishment.