Several Days Without Apple Watch

Seravel Days Without Apple Watch

For seravel days I cannot wear my Apple Watch, and it certainly felt uncomfortable. I had a repair service with my watch, and it took quite a while. Since I don’t have another watch to wear, I actually can feel the value of my Apple Watch. First of all, I use it to keep time. Using phone to keep time is certainly ok, but have a watch on my wrist is much better. The most frequent thing I do other than checking time is checking complications, they are more than helpful, especially with watchOS 2 that I can install third party complications. Knowing the scheduled event that coming up, the weather outside, and having other helpful utilities are more than enough when I initiate the glence at the watch. Other than timekeeping and checking complications, notifaction is one of my favorite feature. When the watch taps my arm to notify me, I could quickly glence at the watch and know what’s happening, and decide if I need to take out my phone to react.
Apple watch is certainly a useful device, which I loved but less than I expacted or wanted. There are some parts of this product annoys me. From technical point of view the watch is slow and that’s harmful. With watchOS 1 people cannot load native Apps, the slowness is understandable and I choose not to complain about it. With watchOS 2, native Apps are still take a long time to load, that shows how the hardware isn’t capable. Glance should be useful with fast enough hardware, as I want to check some thing quick, but it take forever to update a glance. Sometime the complications especially third party complications aren’t updating or take a long time to update when I look at them. This is one of the major draw back for me. Other than slowness, watch face design is quite giving enough attention by Apple. Watch face is important, not only because people look at it, but also because it carries complications, one of the most useful part of the watch. If I only want timekeeping function, I would prefer a traditional wrist watch, which would just work fine and last way longer than an Apple Watch. This meanings because of the Apps are not fitful in day to day use(because Apps aren’t runing fast enough or apps are found not to be useful as phone apps), I choose Apple watch rather than a traditional watch because the complications and notifactions. I’m annoyed by the truth that I can only put three complications on my favorite watch face, and a similer watch face could have four. The watch face have “most complication slots” is modular face, if I put date on it, there are only four slot left, which is same as the “Color” and “Simple.” I would argue rather than make more bands, Apple should make more watch faces or make watch faces more customizable to enhance the functionality.
The one on the right is current watch face, the one on the left is my preferred watch motifaction to current one, with seperated bottom bar and two complications.
最近刚好因为一些原因不能佩戴Apple Watch,感觉能更清晰的感觉到Apple Watch给日常生活带来的影响。
首先不带Apple Watch最大的感受就是更频繁的拿出手机,如果有一个比较紧张的日程表,那么拿出手机的频率非常高,目的仅仅是检查时间,带Apple Watch或者任何手表确实使得看时间这件事更加快速。
除去看时间,查看complication也是一个主要应用。抬起手腕就可以看到天气、日程等等确实很方便。除此之外通知功能是另一个比较常用的。我发现我最近经常出现手机震动就抬起手腕的行为,然后也出现漏掉一些通知的情况,我觉得这确确实实体现了Apple Watch对我的影响,而且使用Apple Watch后迅速形成了一些习惯,我认为Apple Watch确实是一款有用的产品。
上面说了满意的点,我对Apple watch不满的地方主要在于硬件性能和表盘。硬件性能上的慢极大的影响了Apple watch的使用,glance本来应该是个有用的功能,但是事实上每次打开glance都只能看到它在更新状态所以这个功能就越来越少用到了。在watchOS 1的时代读取App很慢,但是因为并不是原生App我觉得问题不大,到了watchOS 2时代,即便是原生App仍然很慢,充分显示了Apple Watch的硬件问题。表盘设计也有一定的问题,“实用”这个表盘和“颜色”简约“这两个表盘相似但是只能有三个complication位置,而其他两个表盘则有四个位置,”模块“表盘看起来是最富功能性的表盘,实际上如果把日期放在表盘上则只剩下四个空余的位置,和其他可以放置complication的表盘差距不大甚至可以说没有。我觉得Apple与其专注设计新款表带,不如多设计几款表盘或者让现有表盘有更高的定制程度,比如在”模块“表盘上允许用户自己把大的位置分成三个小的位置,在”实用“表盘上允许把下方长条形的位置分成左右下角两个小的位置。这样的改变应该不是很难,提高了定制程度,但是保证了complication的兼容性,还直接提高了主要功能的功能性。